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iPhone 6 to come in two variants; iPhablet featuring OIS and 128GB option

iPhone 6 to come in two variants; iPhablet features OIS and 128GB option

We have already heard a lot about the next big thing from Apple, the iPhone 6, and confirming rumors and speculations more leaks are happening. And the new rumor further suggests that the new iPhone will be available in two variants 4.7″ and 5.5-inches.

There have already been reports about the two models of iPhone 6 and the new report appeared on a Chinese site Wei Feng which cites Deutsche Telecom as the source. Interestingly, the German carrier also said that both models would be announced on September 19.

All these reports and rumors indicate a phablet and smartphone and the said-screen size is almost same to what was reported before. Moreover, the source is as a telecom company more reliable.

And the new iPhone 6 is also expected to have more storage capacity up to 128GB which should be surprising for Apple fans as the largest iPhone so far has been 64GB model and hablet-esque functions could be in store for the expected 5.5-inch flagship.

Unfortunately, iPhone 6 4.7″ may not get the OIS functionality  and will be restricted to the bigger model iPhone 6. Recently the device featuring Touch ID was spotted with other Apple devices like iPad Air 2 and Apple iPad mini 3.

However, these are rumors, so take it with a bit of salt as this may end up as just rumors , even though the reports give you a bit idea about the iPhone 6. So stay tuned for more rumors and leaks as getting closer to its release.


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