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Microsoft working on Windows 9, to feature Virtual Desktops and more

Microsoft working on Windows 9,  to feature Virtual Desktops and more

Microsoft released its Windows 8 a while ago and since the release, there have been both criticism and comments in favor of its new move. The major disadvantage many users found on Windows 8 was its lack of Start Button on desktop mode and many users found it hard to use and get used to the new design despite minimalist UI and faster loading. However, Microsoft had no intention to ditch the Windows 8 completely, instead, it released some updates, such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1 which added some new features making it more user-friendly that was highly appreciated  and users seem to be getting used to Microsoft’s move and satisfied with its support. Now it seems that the company is working on its next complete version of the OS which is codenamed “Threshold”, and would apparently be called Windows 9. Interestingly some details about new changes to the OS have started to emerge.

Although there was a huge expectation for the return of Start Menu with cool-looking Metro-Style apps, it didn’t happen with any major update released recently and now it seems that the company is planning it on next major update later this year. And this update may bring the Start Menu with Metro UI apps on it.

And the company is also reportedly backing further from its Windows 8 vision for its next major version.  Windows 9 will not have the awkward Charms bar which opens a door to some features including Setting and search. Even though the feature was useful on touch devices like tablet, users on desktops and laptops without touch found it a bit hard to get the bar activated as it needs users to mouse over the corners  and it would suddenly disappear if the mouse moved a bit from the particular area, that is sometimes annoying too

Other anticipated feature on Windows 9 is title bar on Metro-Style apps, which include some menus with Charms components. It seems that this is an effort from Microsoft to make the Metro apps more flexible and user-friendly. Interestingly Windows 8 apps will be running on a separate windows on desktop just like traditional apps, that should offer a seamless user experience, especially with mouse and keyboard, that is something users certainly wish would happen soon and will certainly boost users love for Metro-Apps as they won’t need to switch between Desktop and Metro-UI to load a Metro-app. Microsoft has already added capability to pin Metro UI to the desktop task bar.

Interesting of all is its plan to add a virtual desktops feature to Windows 9, which will be warmly welcomed by power users of the OS and enterprise customers. While Apple OS X supports the feature, Windows users have always depended on third-party applications to enable such functionality. If you don’t know what it means, the virtual desktop will allow users to create separate active desktops and switch between them with tap of a button on the taskbar. This also indicates Microsoft willingness to improve the desktop users’ experience, and yea if they don’t , you know what you are going to do right?.

Reports also suggests that the preview version of the Windows 9 is also on its way to the market this year itself, which will allow business and hardcore users to test the new additions to the OS. Expected release of the Windows 9 is in spring 2015. Microsoft is also cooking up a combined version of Windows Phone and RT with its desktop removed  and will focus on gesture optimized apps and experience. Anyway, do you think you will switch to the Windows 9 or going to stick to the current version?.

Source NeoWin ZDNet WinBeta

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