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Pentax K-S1 DSLR announced, featuring illuminated Interface, pricing $799.95

Pentax K1-S DSLR announced,  featuring illuminated Interface, pricing $799.95

Pentax has dded a new addition to its DSLR series dubbed Pentax K-S1. The new camera is a mid-ranger with glowing visual cue to keep you alerted about its current mode. Actually the Pentax K-S1 DSLR is one of many cameras we could expect from the company this year. The DSLR is marriage of latest technology that will take your imaging to the next level. And the device is also compact to making it easy to carry with unlike many DSLR out there with huge humps and folds.

The K-S1 utilizes its latest CMOS image sensor with approximately 20.12 effective megapixels to deliver super-high-resolution images and  high sensitivity of ISO 51200. The camera can deliver immense full HD videos and high-resolution images. The camera is also equipped with high-performance PRIME MII imaging engine.

The Pentax K-S1 differs from many DSLR cameras out there with its illuminated interface where all buttons indicating each and every mode that is currently on. For instance, the LED for power-switch changes its color based on shooting mode, Red for video shooting and green while capturing images and Face Detection mode giving you quick visual cue of how many face it has detected  and use the grip LED’s as countdown number. According to the company, it “eliminates many of the complexities of a DSLR” with a friendlier “flat field” user interface. For this, the camera features 3-inch 921,000-dot LCD, back-lit selection dial and four-way navigation.

The DSLR camera from Pentax also boasts a lot of features which includes in-body shake reduction, an AA filter simulator, a 100-percent field of view glass pentaprism viewfinder and 5.4 frames per second shooting with a shutter speed of 1/6000.  The camera also offers host of handy shooting mode including ASTRO TRACER in order to simplify the astronomical photography in combination with the optional GPS unit, O-GPS1. In the connectivity department, the camera is equipped with  Pentax’s FLUcard offers the ability to use the camera remotely with smartphone, tablet or computer as well as tracking on Wi-Fi transfer, wireless live.

The K-S1 will come in a whole lot of colors insisting that the camera is intended for fun and shoot. The standard colors include  black, blue and white, but you can choose one from either the Fabric Collection or the Night Sky Collection, former of which comes  cotton beige, tweed gray, linen brown and denim blue, and the latter is offered in Sunset Orange, Dusk Gold, Moon Silver, Midnight Black and Dawn Purple.

Finally pricing and release date of the camera. The Pentax K-S1 DSLR is priced at $799.95 with a 18-55mm kit lens while body-only will cost you $749.95. Both are scheduled to be available in September.


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