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Adobe announces Photoshop for Chromebooks

Photoshop for Chromebook

Have Chromebook but wondering how to run Photoshop on your device? Here is good news for you. Google and Adobe have announced that the application can now run on Chromebooks and users who meet a few requirements can access the Photoshop Streaming beta project.

The requirements needed to run the Photoshop on your Chromebooks are going to disappoint some users at least people outside the USA.

First of three requirements is that the users should be living in the USA, and the second one is that the users should be Adobe education customers and the third one is that the users should have membership to Adobe Creative Cloud, and yea that is not free.

The online-based project is in beta but offers all the features you get on Desktop version. And the good side of the application is  that it will always be up to date as it is hosted on cloud and you will never need to look forward to bug fixes and software updates.

Interesting feature of the cloud-based app is that you can integrate your Google Drive  account and directly save all your Photoshop works to that.

However, if you are not interested in the Photoshop? you may want to check out the, a free online image editing tool.

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