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Dell launches Dell 55 and UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K Monitors

Dell UltraSharp Monitor

Dell has added two new monitors to its portfolio, dubbed Dell 55 Monitor and the UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K.  The company has already released the former in the US and Canada. The giant display is aimed at businesses, while the UltraSharp monitor with 27″ display won’t be hitting the shelves till Q4 of this year.

The Dell 55 Monitor, as its name says, is a staggeringly huge 55-inch thing, obviously targeted at firms that need big displays in meeting rooms where they don’t want to use projectors. The display comes  with Full HD 1080p resolution, a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and more.

“Our new portfolio enables businesses of all sizes to embrace sleek and innovative form factors their workforce will be proud to use day after day to accomplish their productivity goals. While they look like thin and light consumer devices, these commercial PCs are backed by the industry’s best security and manageability that only Dell provides.” said Kirk Schell, vice president and general manager, commercial client solutions, Dell.

The 55-inch monster automatically adjusts to match the PC’s resolution making sure a hassle -free projection. The Dell 55 Monitor is priced at $1,049 and is available for purchase.

On the other hand, the UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD  is first of its kind  and boasting Ultra HD 5K resolution (5120 x 2880). With a 27-inch display rocking a resolution of staggering 5120 x 2880, promised to offer  revolutionary screen performance . The display offers PremierColor tech, edge-to-edge glass, and anti-smudge/reflection. The monitor has  host of ports, six USB, a storage card reader as well as dual 16watt Harman Kardon speakers.

The UlraSharp 27 monitor release date is somewhere in Q4 2014, and is priced at $2,500 USD.


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