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Final Fantasy 4 for PC expected to release soon

Final Fantasy 4 PC release

Even though some Square Enix series Final Fantasy have been available for PC, some titles in the franchise are yet to be released for PC and it seems that Final Fantasy Installment will soon make its way to your PC screen.

The game  Final Fantasy IV today got Pan European Game Information, PEGI certification with 12 rating and this particular title may be released for PC later. The PEGI is European   rating system which enables parents to know more about the game like if it is appropriate for children to play.

In the US the game was originally title as Final Fantasy II on SNES. It was published in 3D for Nintendo DS back in 2008 and it is expected that the Final Fantasy 4 may use the 3D engine for PC as well.

The release date for the Final Fantasy 4 is listed September 17th. However, it is not sure the release of the game is just limited to Europe. There hasn’t  so far no mention of the game release in the US.



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