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Golden Apple Watch Edition to cost $5000, Analyst

Golden Apple Watch to cost $5000

Apple unveiled its most anticipated smartwatch dubbed Apple Watch  and will be hitting the market in three versions which include Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. The Apple Watch Sport is priced at $349 while price tag for its gold version is still unknown. However,  a long-time Apple analyst John Gruber suggests mouth-watering $5000(to be precise, $4,999, it is $1 less to $5000 )for the Apple Watch Edition with gold covering.

Wondering why the gold watch is too costly?. Well, the reason for the high-price tag is its 18-karat gold and that is not plated or coated but true Gold.

Gruber also believes the Watch Edition will be retailed at $1,999 and he even went on to compare the Apple Watch Edition to the more “affordable” Rolex watches stating that the $5,000 price tag isn’t as ridiculous as it might initially appear.. Reason for that comparison should be its golden chassis right?.

And finally the Apple Watch with stainless steel is speculated to be sold at $999 and that is also the analyst’s view and this may turn out to be true or just remain speculation. Anyway, What would you say about this pricing if this was true?


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