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NFC on iPhone 6 is just about Apple Pay

Apple iPhone NFC

It has been a while since major companies started to offer NFC features with their flagship devices, but Apple users were just stuck with usual connectivity like Bluetooth and were hoping for the NFC in the future device. As if Apple had heard its fans’ cry, the company introduced NFC with its flagship iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, it is not always about the connectivity,but how it is used and for what purpose the iPhone utilizes the protocol.

The new report suggests that the NFC on the iPhone6s can only be used to make payments via Apple Pay, a service that introduced with iPhone 6. This is confirmed by an Apple spokesperson for Cult of Mac ,  and refused to comment on its future plans of additional uses of the NFC.

However, some experts at RapidNFC revealed to PC Advisor that the NFC chip inside the Apple iPhone 6 is manufactured by NXP and is capable of offering public access to developers. That makes sense when you know that Apple is allegedly planning to open the NFC on iPhone6s to third party developers in the future.  And the iPhone 6 could also utilize other NFC capabilities such as pairing with NFC-enabled speakers and other gadgets.

Apple has already revealed a number of companies that get early access to test the NFC and all what we can do is now to hope the company would make a better use of it instead of limiting its capability.



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