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Polaroid Socialmatic Android Camera features built-in Printer; pricing €300

Polaroid Socialmatic

You remember Polaroid’s instant camera with an open mouth in front  that prints out the photo you take right?, well the company has brought up such new one but not without a little modern twist. The camera is dubbed Polaroid Socialmatic  and as its name suggests the device is coming with a complete connectivity option to get your social engagement even more interesting.

The Socialmatic Camera is running on Android and features connectivity like WiFi and Bluetooth and lets you upload photos to you favorite social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatever social media you name it. And interestingly, the camera’s design seems to have been inspired by Instagram logo, that can’t be coincidence right?.

You also get a dedicated Camera app and the camera also supports third-party apps.

When it comes to specs, the Polaroid Socialmatic sports a 5.2 inch square with a 4.5 inch touchscreen on the back that lets you control Android features and 5.2-inch scree must be more than enough to do that and if it was a phone, that would be known as phablet.

The camera packs 14 megapixel  sensor and 2 MP selfie cam facing the touch screen.There is also an LED flash and 4GB of built-in storage that can be expanded via microSD card slot.

The camera also features a small LED above for displaying QR codes that can also show smiley face and sad face for some reason. There is a also a print logo that indicates printing  and other icons like envelop for new message. The camera can load 10 photo papers in the camera at a time.

Exact camera release date is not known but expected to be launched early 2015. Price?, well the Polaroid Socialmatic will cost you €300.


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