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QDOS Q-Pic is a Bluetooth Shutter for your Phone Camera; pricing £19.99

QDOS Q-Pic Bluetooth Camera Shutter

Ever wanted to take a selfie in a good position but got stuck with the camera button on the phone?. Well this small and handy accessory for your smartphone may solve the problem. The oddly named QDOS Q-Pic is a remote shutter that can be used to trigger the camera shutter at a distance.

The Q-Pic utilizes Bluetooth technology to enable this functionality. Being tinier than your small finger, the device can be worn around your neck like a necklace or safely fits into your pocket. Once the Q-Pic is paired with your device, just with a click of the button will trigger the shutter on you smartphone’s camera.

The device supports both iOS and Android, while it plays nicely with devices running iOS 7 or later or Android 4.3 or later. The Q-Pic can activate your phone camera at a range of 30m, so you can snap some cool group shots with your friends. And the device has a battery capable of 40,000 clicks, means a lot of photos before it drains.

The Q-Pic is available in variety of colors and it is priced at £19.99. I think 40,000 clicks are certain worth it.


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