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Reddit launches Ask Me Anything App for iOS

Reddit Ask Me Anything iOS App

Reddit is one of the popular social media and user-promoted content aggregator with millions of users. Unfortunate that there hasn’t been a mobile application for its popular Q&A session. It is shame that a social site like Reddit wouldn’t offer one especially when mobile users growing day by day. However, it seems that the company has realized the importance of mobile application and has today launched an official Ask Me Anything app for iOS users.

Reddit’s SVP of mobile Ellen Pao admitted the fact that a third of site’s visitors are coming via mobile devices and the new app is result of this growing trend.

We’ve found in the last year or so a huge uptick in people accessing Reddit from the mobile web, and we want to give those folks a great experience …

Reddit had launched an app back in 2011, but the company dropped it due to bugs and poor user experience. I think since then Reddit has been tweaking the app to improve the user experience.  However, there were third party apps like Alien Blue which allowed users to get both archived and current AMAs.

From the new Reddit app users can access both real-time and archived AMAs, making it more convenient to check them out anywhere on the go. On Reddit AMAs have 6.2M followers, and there are interviews ranging from computer scientists to almost any celebrity.

The app offers the following features,

  • Keep up to date with all the latest AMA interviews
  • Ask a question when someone is marked as ACTIVE
  • Get notified when popular AMAs are trending
  • See every answered question in an easy-to-read format perfect for mobile
  • Vote questions and answers up and down to help prioritize the best content
  • Explore diverse topics like Entertainment, Science and Politics

If you are a Reddit users, don’t forget to download the Ask Me Anything app. Don’t worry it is completely free and available on iTunes.

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