Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A hits the US, pricing $749

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A hits the US, pricing $749

Samsung introduced its first QHD smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A a while ago. The device is in its core the Galaxy S5  running on Android OS,  but it features a QHD display resolution and supports for LTE-A unlike Galaxy S5. But the catch was that the device was destined for South Korea and many of you may have been wishing for the device to reach the US coast. So the good news is that it is available on sale from

However, the device is not officially offered by any local carrier, it means you are free from all the chains and can get the device off contract.  Certainly that is not without an upfront payment for the device, so make sure there is no hole to your pocket before going to get the device, it will cost you $749.

Note that the device might not support LTE-A functionality as the network difference s in the US. So essentially you will be just getting the Galaxy S5 LTE-A for its QHD display. Unless you are in hurry, you could wait for Galaxy Note 4. The device will have QHD display and more cool features inducing S Pen functionality.

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