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Whited00r custom firmware for old iPhones and iPod brings iOS 7 features

Whited00r Firmware iOS ROM for old iPhone and iPod

Apple may have completely abandoned its first iPhone, but that doesn’t mean you should throw it away and get the new one ( yea that may be what Apple wants you to do). However, you may have been intrigued by some of the latest features iOS 7 offers and would be wishing you could get it on to your old iOS devices. Well, that is where the new firmware called Whited00r come in to play.

The firmware will give you old iOS devices like original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the first and second-generation iPod touch the look and feel of iOS 7. Despite its iOS 3.x base, the firmware brings many new features such as multitasking, control center, Siri, lockscreen notifications and new camera app with video recording.

Although all the latest apps may not support your iOS on yoiur iPhone and iPod, the firmware includes both official App Store and Cydia. And AppTimeMachine feature lets you access apps that no longer support iOS 3.x.

If you are interested in this custom ROM, you can install it via Windows PC or a Mac.  And updates for the ROM v7.1 will be released OTA (Over-the-Air) via Cydia. And if your mobile is locked and wondering how to unlock  the device, don’t worry,  there is another version of the software which will first unlock the iOS device  and install the ROM.

However, keep in mind that the ROM is anything but official, so you bear the rick of installing the Whited00r firmware.


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