HP Sprout All-in-One PC scans real-world objects; Specs and Price

you may have seen innovative PCs, but you can’t have seen anything like the HP Sprout. A newly innovation in the desktop computer history comes with unique features that may change the way All-in-One desktops work forever. The HP Sprout utilizes several unique technologies to make this 23-inch Windows 8.1 all-in-one work. The computer comes with a depth-sensing camera, overhead projector and touch-sensitive mat that can be used to digitize, edit and share real-world objects as well as a flat dual-screen lying on the table .

In terms of specs. the HP Sprout is built around a 3.2-GHz Core i7-4790S processor and packs Nvidia GeForce GT 745A graphics, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hybrid hard drive. The 23-inch monitor is coming with 10-point touch  and full HD resolution and promises a great multi-media productivity and gaming experience  and for immersive sound effect there is DTS sound. Nonetheless, Touch Mat, Illuminator projector / camera and proprietary software are the real stars and attractive features. Let’s see what these each components do and how they work in a real life experience.

The mat screen lying in front of the real display works like secondary display. The mat display unlike real display is 20-inch in size and flat capacitive surface which also works as scanning bed and some-time controller. And there is a HP Illuminator at the top edge of the monitor  with an HP DLP projector, a 14.6-MP camera, an Intel RealSense 3D camera with depth-perception and an actual LED desk lamp  facing down on the surface display.

The HP Illuminator projects images on the mat display allowing you to control what is on the real monitor  and it has the ability to sense up to 20 fingers at once. The Windows 8.1 sees the mat display as a second monitor while the company’s software allows you to run the Windows Start screen, any Modern UI app or one of the Sprout’s custom apps. And if you don’t fancy playing on the mat and wants more traditional experience, there is also a wireless keyboard and mouse. The mat display can also work as a second screen and in the demo  it was performed with apps that use company’s custom SDK.

The HP Sprout is coming with custom user interface (UI) called HP Workspace atop Windows 8.1 making the dual-screen setup more interactive. Interesting thing about this setup is that it allows you to flick images and 3D objects from one screen to another  or one application to another. There is also a HP Create image editing tool with powerful features like scan, rotate or edit pictures and virtual objects.

The Create along with the depth-sensing RealSense camera also lets you scan 2D or 3D objects placed on the mat.  It is also capable of scanning real-world objects like flowers and papers. On the system you can manipulate the objects you scanned  using HP Create and import them to other apps including PowerPoint. According to HP, with  a future software update, users will be able to scan objects in real life from 6 different angles and create 360-degree images.

And for business conference and other video call purpose, there is HP MyRoom group conferencing app that lets you share workspace with other computers including tablet PCs and manipulate images on display.

The HP Sprout shows the innovative side of HP and this may be coming to more devices in the future. HP says that Sprout is the first device to feature HP’s Workspace software, Touch mat and illuminator  and hoping to develop an entire system with a host of third party apps as well as SDK for developers.

Despite impressive features and specs, the HP Sprout may not be pocket-friendly when it comes to its pricing. HP Sprout All-in-One is priced at $1,799 and the release date is set to November 9. With the release of this new device, HP should be targeting business and creative professionals. Take a look at the image gallery and watch the official videos for a quick look on how it works.