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HTC-made Nexus 9 hits FCC

Google Nexus 9 Rumors

There have been rumors and leaks about Google’s next smartphone Nexus 6 for a while and it is allegedly made by Motorola. Meanwhile an alleged Nexus 9 device has hit FCC and gained the FCC approval. The device is next version of Google’s flagship Nexus tablet and HTC is Google’s partner in making the device.

The tablet listed at FCC has a model number of 0P82100 which is allegedly number HTC-made device device carries.

In terms of specs, unconfirmed information reveals a tablet with both 16GB and 32GB storage options. The device also sports connectivity features  including Bluetooth, NFC, and latest 802.11ac.

Rumor has it that the HTC Nexus 9 could be  unveiled on October 15.


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