J-deite Quarter is a Transformer that can walk and drive in real life

J-deite Quarter is a Transformer that can walk and drive in real life

Many of you must have watched the movie Transformers, but have you ever imagined a world full of such robots that can transform? Well, such world may not be that far from now.  A team in Japan has come up with such one that literally transforms. The robot is called  J-deite Quarter and the aim of the team behind the robot is to make full-fledged / sized transformer, means this one is a prototype of the upcoming monster.

The J-deite Quarter can walk like men and transform into a sportscar and ride around autonomously as in the movie Transformers. The team of two includes Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki of Brave Robotics and Asratec and this is not the first time they  have built such one. They have been working on transformers since 2012 and they had released a table-top model of the transformer.

J-deite Quarter is six-foot tall and they are planning to build an 8-foot one in the coming year. And we should expect greater capability like faster walking and driving ability.

Here is the specs:

Height in robot mode/length in vehicle mode: 1.3 m,
weight: 35 kg, maximum battery power: 3 kw,
operating time: 1 hour, number of seats: 2,
controlled by V-Sido OS.
Power source: servo motor manufactured byFutaba Corp.[Robot Mode SPEC]
Maximum walking speed: 1 km/h, gripping weight: 0.1 kg.[Vehicle Mode SPEC]
Maximum traveling speed: 10km/h, minimum road clearance: 40 mm.

This may not be the fastest transformer robot but for a starter, that is certainly not bad and with the enhancements over the years to come, we could see a real-life fast and furious transformer in the future. Watch the video below and drop your thoughts in the comment section.


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