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Slovakia’s AeroMobil 3.0 flying Car unveiled at Pioneers Festival

Slovakia's AeroMobil 3.0 flying car

Cars? Oh yea you have heard about sports cars, SUVs, hatchback and cars that may run as fast as sound waves right? but what about a flying one? Yes at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna today a startup called AeroMobil from Slovakia has unveiled its flying car called AeroMobil 3.0. The company actually showed the prototype back in 2013 and this is the latest iteration of its flying car.

The AeroMobil 3.0 is the result of development that been going on for over 25 years and finally it seems to be worth the time.

The head behind the design is Stefan Klein,  founder and head of the Department of Transport Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovakia.  He had been tweaking the concept as early as 1989.

We believe personal transportation is about to change forever,” said AeroMobil chief executive Juraj Vaculik at a press conference. “We think it’s time to make transportation more emotional and more personal.

The concept model was first introduced as a commercial project back in 2010, for that, Stefan Klein was teaming up with Vaculik and started the AeroMobil. Slovakian Aviation Authority has already certified its 2013 prototype to use the car in the country. And latest  prototype is under going testing for the certificate  and expected to be available in the market soon.

The car is built sturdy enough to withstand severe weather  with body made of advanced composite materials which also keeps the flying vehicle lightweight.In terms of specs, there is autopilot and an advanced parachute deployment system under the hood.

Inside the flying car, there is space for two people in the cockpit and when it is in the air, the AeroMobil 3.0 can reach top speeds of 200 km/h. The car also has a 27-foot wingspan and 19.7 feet long.

The advantage of the car is that it only needs very little space to take off and can be refueled at any standard gas station. If you are already in awe with the model and wants one, you may not be able to get one soon because the company is planning to launch the car on a bigger scale in developing countries where they lack costly transportation infrastructures.

Unfortunately, there is no details on pricing and exact release date or availability but as it is already undergoing testing for licensing, we should soon hear something about it. For now, Check out the video below.

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