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Moto G 2015 to offer 2GB RAM and MotoMaker Customization

Moto G 2015 rumors and leaks

Since the launch, Moto G has been the symbol of feature-rich smartphones offered at an affordable price and it seems it is never gonna stop amazing you. When the first generation of Moto G was announced, it proved Android smartphone could be both feature-rich  and affordable.

There came its second generation with even more features, while preserving its affordability in the market. Now a 3rd gen of the model is said to be on its way to the market. Moto G 2015 should keep its mouth-watering price tag with even more value.

According to new leak, the Moto G 2015 will be offered in two models, one with 2GB of RAM and the other with traditional 1GB RAM. Interestingly, Motorola Moto G is also expected to offer company’s flagship MotoMaker customization where you can customize your device before making an order. It also means the device will be eligible for variety of colorful back panel options and color accent customization.

However, the MotoMaker customization option could be limited to select markets. We are looking forward to more details about the device and closer to its release, we should be able to to have a real picture of the new Moto G 2015 and we will keep you posted.

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