Prevent from redirecting you to its local Home Page

How to stop from redirecting you to its local home page like
So you have been redirected to Google’s local home page like even though you typed in right? Well, that is because you live outside its home country. Each time a visitor types in and  hit enter, Google tacks the IP address that requests the url and identifies the country. If it turns out to be a country other than the US,  Google redirects you to its local home page for the country.

This is to provide you with the most relevant content from that particular country. However, there can be some instances in which you don’t want Google to track your key words and IP and serve you with local content. Therefore you want to use instead of its local page such

Well, there is a way to prevent Google from redirecting you to  its local home page. Watch the video below and that will show you  how to get and prevent google from redirecting you to its local page forever.

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