Windows 10 – How to create Guest Account ?

Having installed the latest Windows 10 on your computer you might be wondering how to enable or create a Guest account. Windows 10 offers several types of accounts ranging from Administrator account to Assigned Access account where you can restrict  an account with access to a little of its features like single Windows Store app.

All these settings are located under “Family & Other users” in the account category of your Windows 10 settings panel.  You can access your settings panel right from Taskbar or Start Menu. If you don’t want to read,  the video below shows you how to create an account in Windows 10 in more details.

To create a Guest account without any password  go to Start Menu -> Settings -> Accounts -> Family & Other users, then click “Add someone else to this PC”. This will open up a new windows asking for email or phone number but you can skip this if you want to create an account without any password restriction. So click the link “The person I want to add doesn’t have an email address”. Microsoft keeps pushing its accounts vial this account setting process. A new form appears to sign up for Microsoft Account, but here as well you can skip this process and go for “Add a user without a Microsoft account”. Here enter the details name of the account holder like “Guest-PC” or anything you want,  enter password if you want, otherwise click Next and  you are done. It will take the PC a few minutes before it completely sets up the account for the user when you first sign into the account.

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