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Apple releases 21.5″ Retina, 27″ 5K iMac, new Magic Mouse, Trackpad, Keyboard

Apple releases 21.5" Retina, 27" 5K iMac, new Magic Mouse, Trackpad, Keyboard
As  expected, Apple today launched new iMac 21.5 lineup which sports a 4K display along with a new 27-inch version of iMac lineups that feature 5K Retina displays.

Apple iMac 21.5-inch model can stream videos at a resolution that is 4.5 times that of Full HD, and offers the same pixel density as the 5K model. With the new display technology Apple says  it can improve reproduction of reds and greens. The new display is made up of  “red-green phosphor LEDs”.

In terms of specs, the new 21.5 iMac is built around Intel’s fifth-generation Core processor coupled with an Intel Iris Pro graphics system. The desktop computer now boasts  two Thunderbolt  ports, a 25% wider range of colors and an option to upgrade to a hybrid Fusion Drive, which will cost you $100 more though.

The new 21.5-inch Retina iMac is available on sale starting today and is priced at $1,499 for the base model.

On the other hand the 27-inch 5K iMac 2015 is offered with Intel’s Skylake processors ranging from  3.2GHz quad-core i5 to a 4.0GHz quad-core i7.  AMD Radeon R9 series processor ranging from the M380 and 2GB of RAM to the M296X with 4GB of RAM take care of its graphics side. The base model has 8GB of 1867MHz DDR3 memory and can be fitted with up to 32GB of RAM.

All new models are offered with Apple’s new keyboard, mouse and trackpad and you won’t have to keep AA batteries to keep them running as all accessories are now rechargeable via USB Lightning cable. Note that the new Magic Trackpad 2 will cost you extra $129 while Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard 2 are bundled with new iMacs.

All new Magic accessories are also available on sale starting today and you can buy them individually from Apple Store.

Apple Magic Keyboard 2, Trackpad 2, Mouse 2

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