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Facebook testing dedicated Video Feed, Suggested Videos and more

Facebook video feed
Facebook seems to be literally taking on YouTube. The company is a step closer to announce its dedicated video product. Facebook has done several improvements to its video product in the past and now it seems to be on its momentum with a huge update that will entirely change the way you find and watch new videos on Facebook. The company is now testing a brand new feed dedicated for videos. On its apps the new feed will have dedicated tab and you can switch to the tab whenever you are in a mood of watching some videos.

Facebook is currently testing the new features with “a small number of people now,” so it might take a while before it rolls out across the world. The update doesn’t end with video new feed. The company will also add a suggested video feed that can be accessed scrolling down the page you are watching for more such videos. Facebook is positive about its progress even though the feature is still in its early stage. Facebook says it’s “pleased with the initial results,” that people who has access to suggested feed also watch related videos found on the feed. The new feature is now rolled out to iPhone users while Android users will be getting the update in the “coming months”. Facebook is all about its revenue and you will find sponsored videos as well among the suggested videos. the company is already testing the feature on the web too, so expect the feature sooner than later.

There are also other two features that Facebook is working on for better video experience. First one is picture-in-picture feature, which lets you shrink the video into a corner by tapping a button as you scroll down news feed. The second one is “save” button that lets you save videos for watching them later.

The new updates are just follow-ups. Facebook has already implemented support for 360 degree videos as well as live broadcasting tools for journalists. And Who knows! Facebook may even be working on YouTube-like revenue sharing system in order to lure huge video production base of YouTube. So are you a YouTuber ? If yes, would you start making videos for Facebook ?

Facebook Testing new Vdeo Feed, Suggested videos and more#Facebook to roll out Feed dedicated for videos Facebook

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