Self-driving Pods, Next V3.0 may change our public Transportation once and for all

Self-driving Pods, Next V3.0 may change our public Transportation once and for all

Future is autonomous and many companies have already started testing
their own autonomous vehicles. But major companies are testing driverless cars or such vehicles but what about our public transportation? Well see this new concept named ‘Next V3.0’ that two Italian scientists, Tommaso Gecchelina and Emmanuele Spera are working on. The new concept model is expected to hit our roads in 2020.

Next is entirely new public transportation concept which is pods by design and can autonomously drive as both individual pod or connected like trains. Interesting thing about the Next pods is that it can actually connect or disconnect while in motion which enables it act on the road in any mode such as a train, bus, or personal vehicle.

Just like on a train when the pods are connected, passengers can walk through the compartments. And the fact that Next pods are also electric makes them more environment-friendly from majority of other vehicles out there. Inside there are six seats while it can fit another 4 people who would stand. Passengers on the Next can also call for other service modules like coffee and other beverages, and even a toilet.

Each pod is low-floor vehicle and has foldable doors which slides into each sides making it much easier for passengers to enter the pods.

Next will offer an application that can be used to call Next for a trip. The app collects information like where they’re going and numbers of people who will be in the pod. The Next pod goes to the location provided to pick them and will connect to other pods on the road in order to drop the passengers at the specified location faster. And like Uber, Next will charge your credit card once the transit is complete.

Next pods are also smart enough to let you know through its apps when to switch to different pod from the one you are in, in order to get off at your final destination. Watch the video below and drop your thoughts in the comment section.


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