Infographic : The Evolution of Microsoft Office

When you think of word processors, spread sheet documents, and presentations what is the most likely thing you’re going to think of? It’s probably Microsoft Office.

The all-in-one package has been the number one office suite software pretty much since its launch in 1990. Whilst there may be a strong rivalry between PC and Mac users, even both opposing sides seem to agree that Office is the best as it is also available on Mac devices.

The launch of Office in 1990 resulted in the worldwide introduction of the likes of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Over the years, the company has launched new software additions and improvements to the package including Access and Clippy the paperclip assistant.

The latest version, Office 2016, brings cloud-based integration to the forefront alongside full optimisation for touchscreen and mobile devices. Here is an infographic which looks at all of the main improvements they’ve made from Office 1.0 all the way up to this years’

Infographic : The Evolution of Microsoft Office

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