More details on Samsung Galaxy S7 surface, to bring back MicroSD Card slot

Rumors regarding next flagship device from Samsung has got its momentum and more details have started to surface. After rumors about release date, versions and accessories new rumor has hit the web disclosing more interesting pieces about the device.

According to new reports, Samsung is bringing microSD card slot back and owners will be able to expand memory. That is a bit surprise because Samsung had ditched microSD card slot from its flagship. However, users’ disappointment on that decision may have made Samsung reconsider the feature. And who knows Samsung might bring back removable battery too because many of its fans are no so satisfied with non-removable battery.

Furthermore, next flagship Galaxy S7 will have 5.2-inch flat display while Galaxy S7 Edge will feature a bit larger 5.7-inch screen. Interesting thing about S7 Edge is that it will sport curved edge display including the top and bottom.


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