Vienna, BlackBerry’s new QWERTY Android device leaked

Admitting BlackBerry OS defeat on the smartphone market, the company recently announced brand new Android device BlackBerry Priv. The device stands out from the crowd with its unique QWERTY keyboard and now it seems like the company is working on yet another device and the OS is none other than Android.

The folks at CrackBerry have managed to obtain some leaked images of the devicecode-named “Vienna”. The device smells pretty much Blackberry with a portrait keyboard. The difference from Priv is the keyboard on the new device is placed below the screen and it is not a slider. Despite having keyboard, the smartphone has a large touchscreen.

There is no details on specs under the hood. There is a front and back camera and a logo etched at the back of the device. Oddly, the device has a squared corners at the top while round ones at the bottom.

Once the device hit the market, the device  should be second high-profile Androiddevice with keyboard on the market.