LG unveils SmartThingQ Hub; access all your Smart Products or use it as a Wireless Speaker


LG unveils SmartThingQ Hub; access all your Smart Products or use it as a Wireless Speaker

Future is of smart devices and we should see a bunch of such smart home devices and concepts at CES 2016. LG actually knows that the best way to get some attention to its products is to give a sneak peak to gadget enthusiasts before the event even kicks off, because once the event starts, who knows what and who grabs all the attention.

LG SmartThingQ Hub is basically a cylinder with a display on top of it and speaker at the base. What this cylinder can do? Well, it is not just a music player as you might think. The device can actually  display notifications on the screen, announce them out loud via the speakers, or play music. The display on the device is tilted a bit for better viewing angle and easy readability. The unit with metallic casing will be available in two colors, black or Champagne gold.

The smart device also acts as a central device for accessing all of your smart devices such as smartphones. The SmartThingQ Hub can also connect all the smart appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners regardless of the manufacturer.

The device is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee in order to connect conventional devices as well, which are connected to SmartThinQ sensors. The device supports iHeartRadio or you may pair it with your tablet or smartphone and the SmartThinQ Hub can act as a Bluetooth speaker.

LG SmartThingQ Hub requires products that utilize AllJoyn Alliance open source framework including other members of the LG SmarThinQ lineup. LG has also inked a partnership with Lowe’s, to integrate LG’s smart devices with Lowe’s Iris smart home services. Lowe’s is world’s is second-largest hardware retail chain.

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