Is this Oppo Find 9 with 6 GB of RAM?

When it comes to smartphone, there are several tactics that some manufacturers apply to make their devices stand out from the crowd. Some makers come with latest processor and high-resolution display while others offer beefy battery and sleek design but there is another area some of these manufacturers compete, that is RAM but how much of RAM is too much RAM for a smartphone?

It seems that someone in the wild is prepping a new Android beast with staggering 6 GB of RAM and the device is apparently from none other than Chinese manufacturerOppo.

Having a lot of RAM is definitely going to give you smoother multitasking experience especially when some apps nowadays suck in all the memory you have. However, 6 GB might sound a lot for a smartphone when considering the fact that even some tablets don’t still offer that much memory. Strangely there are still laptops with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution while smartphones with Full HD display become more and more common. So it is not hard to see a future where your smartphone has memory almost equal or even more than your laptops and tablets.

Source Weibo   GizChina speculates