Microsoft Lumia 850 aka Honjo leaked in full rendered Image

Microsoft Lumia 850 aka Honjo leaked in full rendered Image

Microsoft has already launched flagship Lumia devices 950 and 950 XL as well as entry-level Lumia 550 with LTE support. And if the reports are true, the company is already working on a new Lumia codenamed Honjo which will apparently be called Lumia 850.

There has already been reports about the device but this is the first time we have got the chance to see the device in full rendered image. The image was leaked by notorious @evleaks and the image shows a device similar to Lumia 830 but with round corners instead of the sharp ones.

The device has a golden logo at the back of the device and a frame around the device also follows the same gold pattern along with hardware buttons on the side. Interestingly, capacitive keys that you usually find on Lumia devices is not seen on the Lumia 850 and this might indicate the design pattern of future Lumia devices.

In terms of specs, the device is rumored to pack Snapdragon 410 chipset, single gig of RAM and a 10MP PureView-branded camera. The device may come with 5-inch HD display but some other reports suggest a 5.7-inch FullHD panel and Snapdragon 617 chip, that sounds more accurate considering  the segment where the Lumia 850 is positioned.

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