Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone Build 11082 to Windows Insiders

Microsoft team is working hard on its Windows operating system. With constant updates and fixes Microsoft seem to be committed to deliver best in class experience to its users. Microsoft has released its next Windows 10 build and started rolling out to Windows Insiders to start testing over the new year.

The new build is Windows 10 11082, codenamed Redstone. It is part of the Redstone development branch RS1 and this is the first of many builds to come from Redstone.  Windows 10 Redstone is Microsoft’s first major update for Windows 10 which is expected to bring a host of new features and enhancements to the OS.

First official release of Windows 10 Redstone is expected to be in July, with a second Redstone update being in the fall of 2016. If you are Windows Insider and hasn’t got the update notification yet, you may need to wait a little as the update is still propagating or you may manually check for the update from the settings panel.

Watch the video below to see new changes in Windows 10 Redstone build and feel free to drop your comments in the box below.