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Rinspeed Etos Sports Car with Built-in Drone to debut at CES 2016 (Gallery)

Rinspeed Etos Sports Car with Built-in Drone to debut at CES 2016 (Gallery)

CES is the world’s largest Consumer Electronic Show, certainly not a motor show, but modern cars can’t help but utilize the innovations coming from the digital world and all major car manufacturers are nowadays present at CES. Rinspeed will also be joining them at CES 2016.

Rinspeed announced that its latest sports car in its manufacturing unit will debut at CES 2016. The Etos is not usual sports car but hybrid enough and will come with deeply integrated modern technology and offers both autonomous and driver modes. But hey don’t get excited to get your hands on the rolling beast, the car may not be released soon for customers to buy.

Inside the car you have both traditional and most modern components and one of the technical highlight in the interior of the Etos (Σtos) is its folding and retracting steering wheel from ZF TRW. As I mentioned earlier, the sports motor offers both autonomous and driver modes, so the manufacturer decided to make the driver side most adaptive to the mode the car is running on. The steering wheel just disappears in seconds when the cars is on autonomous mode, creating a lot of space and lets the driver engage in other things in comfort.

Other features in interior include a pair of curved 21.5-inch Ultra HD screens which are individually adjustable for better viewing angle and displays all sorts of information as well as entertainment contents. Not over yet, Etos is smart enough to absorb voice commands, gestures and touch input and respond to them accordingly.

People inside Etos wouldn’t even need to be worried of their safety. The car has a total of eight HD exterior cameras visually monitoring the surroundings of the vehicle completely and always up to date with the situations and taking necessary movements or alerting the driver if it detects any accident hazard.

For exterior, Etos uses deep black and shiny 20-inch Borbet GTX aluminum rims that the company claims to give the body ”an imposing visual width ” and to make the car as light as possible it rocks Corning Gorilla Glass roof and ”drone pad” at the back, the same kind of glass found on smartphones.

The navigation system inside gives detail views and can eve direct the driver directly to reserved parking space. The display in front of the drive shows realistic 3D images of buildings, trees, bus stops, subway stations and other distinctive waypoints along the rout. The car also tracks the driver’s eye movements and alerts the driver if the driver misses something potential hazards.

Last but not least, Rinspeed Etos has a built-in DJI drone complete with landing pad at the back of the car. The car with built-in drone is certainly not a new concept. Renault introduced a concept model called Renault Kwid a while ago. The drone on Etos can be used for various small operations like taking selfies or collecting ordered items like a bouquet of flowers on the way home. The car will be on display at CES 2016 as part of the Harman event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. So take a look at Etos picture gallery and leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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