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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date mid-March; to feature ‘lowlight’ Camera, Pressure-Sensitive Display and microSD Slot- WSJ

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the most anticipated device for the first half of 2016. Getting closer and closer it seems that almost all rumors about next Galaxy S7 will make it to the light and it should not take that long before we have a clear picture of the device before it is launched in 2016.

So far rumors have already had people expecting a lot from Samsung and now WSJ is taking it further by confirming some of the rumors. For this new info, WSJ cites “people familiar with the matter” as source.

To begin, the publication has confirmed one of the most anticipated feature, a pressure sensitive display just like latest Apple devices with 3D Touch. This definitely doesn’t come as surprise, recently Synaptics announced Samsung as one of the core partners for its upcoming ClearForce pressure-sensitive touchscreen technology, which should be the one that you find on S7 when it is launched. ClearForce lets users have more intuitive experience with its ability to react based on the pressure level you apply to it. The usages of ClearForce touch sensitivity include website scrolling with a harder press variable speed scrolling, picture zoom and panning, continuously variable gaming control functions, unlock and wake up, keyboard symbol and upper case selection and more.

Another feature that WSJ confirmed is microSD card slot which was not found on the Galaxy S6. The publisher has also reaffirmed the USB Type-C port for Galaxy S7 which shouldn’t be a surprise because Samsung wouldn’t definitely like the flagship S7 to be isolated with USB 2.0 while other smartphone manufacturers have already introduced devices with Type-C port which enables faster charging and data transfer.

The features mentioned above are actually widely expected and Samsung couldn’t afford to miss them, without them the device is definitely not going to make a splash in the market and yet there is a surprise for Galaxy S fans. According to WSJ, the device will come with brand new camera with improved low-light photography, and flash with the rear surface unlike the protruding 16 MP you find on Galaxy S6.

Samsung is working on two new cameras, 20MP and a 12 MP with big sensor size. 20 MP was confirmed in slides for a Samsung investor presentation while the 12 MP one is still a speculation. The new 20 MP piece utilizes a new 28nm production method making it 23% thinner than the Samsung’s current 16 MP on Galaxy S6. There are more to this new camera. according to Samsung,the 20 MP is built with a RWB pixel color pattern that enhances both light sensitivity and the signal-to-noise ratio in low-light conditions that might be the reason why WSJ indicates the camera on S7 will be “optimized for lowlight photography.” If the source of WSJ is true, it would be fair to assume that this 20 MP will be the one found on S7.

Finally, you must be eager to know when it  is gonna hit the shelves. Well, WSJ says that the device will hit the US market in mid-March, that rings very well with the rumor of the February 21st launch.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date mid-March; to feature ‘lowlight’ Camera, Pressure-Sensitive Display and microSD Slot- WSJ

source: WSJ

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