Samsung launches 128 GB PRO Plus microSD Cards

As the technology grows devices that can store more and more multimedia contents are also growing in numbers hence the demand for microSD cards. So Samsung has added an additional one to its PRO Plus microSD card lineup and this time the card can store up to 128 GB.

Nowadays devices from premium smartphones to DSLR to drones utilize the microSD card technology to store high quality videos and other files. To record multiple 4K videos, built-in storage may not be enough and you might get stuck in between something unless you have expandable storage. 128 GB is a decent option that almost all devices with a decent specs do support nowadays.

“We are seeing a fast increase in 4K UHD video recording and playback, and therefore a growing need for higher memory storage volume and faster transfer speeds,” said a Samsung representative

The company didn’t forget to brag about its capability to handle things faster and secure. The PRO Plus 128GB microSD utilizes MLC NAND flash memory and offers  read speed up to 95MB/s and write speed up to 90MB/s.

And you might be wondering how much of videos and other files user could store on the card. Well according to Samsung, the microSD card can store up to 3 hours, 50 minutes of 4K UHD video, or 16 hours, 20 minutes of video in Full HD. As for photos, there’s room for a maximum of 10,940 images, and on the audio file side, it can handle 30,670 MP3s.

The company says the new PRO Plus 128GB microSD memory card will be available for purchase in more than 50 countries including China, Europe, Korea, U.S., and other regions. Pricing for the card is yet to be revealed.

Source Samsung

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