This Canon 5DS DSLR is actually a USB Flash Drive; pricing $164

DSLRs are in general huge and a bit difficult to carry with but if you thought the small ‘camera’ in the pic is a real compact DSLR, you re wrong. It is a scaled effigy of the Canon 5DS with a removable ‘lens’ and all the tiny components making it look exactly like real miniature DSLR. This tiny DSLR is actually a flash drive built specially for those who may need extra mobile storage.

The lens you see is actually a flash drive. Just remove the lens and you have access to the USB connector. The 5DS replica is a 1:2.6 scale model and there is another one joining that,  a replica of the 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens and you can switch between the ‘lens’. Each of the drives has 8 GB of storage capacity. The bundle include a USB extension cable, a detachable body cap cover, a USB cover, and a miniature camera strap.

Canon is offering the 5DS replica USB flash drives in Japan via its website. The 5DS and 24-105mm kit and 70-200mm flash drive as a package is priced at ¥19,960 (~$164). It is also offered separately for ¥9,980 (~$82). Unfortunately, Cannon hasn’t revealed anything about its availability outside Japan.