CES 2016: EHang 184 is a Passenger Drone that looks like a giant Quadcopter

CES 2016: EHang 184 is a Passenger Drone that looks like a giant Quadcopter

Flying cars, autonomous vehicles and here goes a new one to the futuristic autonomous thing and yet completely new concept called EHang 184 Drone or you may call it AAV which stands for ‘Autonomous Aerial Vehicle’, though it is basically a manned ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’. While we use tiny drones to full fledged military UAVs to carry out different tasks from capturing videos to shipping things to sending ‘Democracy’ to overseas, EHang 184 will pick you up and leave you somewhere you want. The only difference from other drones to this prototype model is the package it carries.

In other words this is science fiction coming into reality . Wouldn’t it be awesome to fly on a gigantic drone-shaped vehicle and fly in your comfort up in the air ? That is exactly what EHang is trying to achieve. With EHang 184 all you have to do is to get into the vehicle, enter your destination using the application, you are good to go, now sit and enjoy your flight. No worries of accidents  and safety because the drone is equipped with a system to autonomously avoid obstacles and set the course. Nop you don’t need piloting expertise or license to ride one of these unless authorities come up with some kind of rules for flying in such vehicles.

Behind the invention of EHang 184 there is a story and it took several tests and failure before it grew into EHang 184. Watch the video below before you skip this page.

According to the company, the electric-powered drone can carry up to 100 kilograms of weight (220 pounds) and fly for 23 minutes at sea level.The cabin is design to fit single passenger and small backpack.

There are even air conditioning and a reading light, so that you don’t get bored of your flight. Parking won’t be a big issue either because it takes only single parking spot with its propellers folded up.

Before you jump into getting one of these, EHang 184 is still in its early stage and may take a while before it makes into the commercial world. The company behind EHang says it is also working with the regulatory agencies to figure out ways of licensing.

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