CES 2016: VUZE 360-degree 3D VR Camera comes with VR Goggles & Studio software; Specs and Price

Virtual reality is a thing of near future and many companies have already started working on such devices while others are coming with 360-degree cameras that can capture videos with any VR headset support. Here is a new one unveiled at CES 2016 to 360 degree crowd . The model is named VUZE camera and is coming with full set of VR-related things from Vuze Studio to Vuze VR headset with any smartphone compatibility.

VUZE camera is positioned itself as world”s first consumer, portable 360-degree 3DVR camera and comes with eight full HD cameras inside the enclosure. Each of the the eight internal cameras packs ultra-wide lenses and can capture 120-degree horizontal and 180-degree vertical images as well as 2D or 3D spherical images. SD card included with the camera can store up to an hour of videos and the battery is good for an hour too.

The videos and images shot with the VUZE camera can be viewed on any VR headset, 3D device, or TV via any VR player. The camera is offered with VUZE Studio software which offers near real-time processing of the video and stitching of footage and utilizes a technology Adaptive Blending that mimics the way the human eyes interact with the brain.

The price you pay will also get you a selfie stick, tripod, VR head mounted goggles. An exact pricing is not announced but the VUZE 360-degree 3DVR Camera is expected to carry under $1000, that could even be $999. The release date is somewhere in August 2016.

Source Vuze

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