Lenovo LINK USB Drive lets you control Android Phone from your PC and do more; pricing $39

Lenovo has more than computers and smartphones for this ces 2016 and here is a new product named LINK, an accessory that many Android smartphone users will definitely find useful. The tiny device with USB ports at the both end cum flash drive is actually what the name sounds like, a link between your smartphone and PC.

The LINK is actually more than a flash drive with 32 GB of storage. Once your smartphone is connected via LINK USB drive, you can access the smartphone screen right from your computer, not over yet, and then you can actually use your computer touchpad or mouse and move your mouse pointer onto the smartphone screen in order to control the smartphone UI. You can open apps or even load videos from the smartphone screen and watch it right on your computer in full screen mode.

You can even copy files and texts from your system or the smartphone screen and paste it on either device, that makes your work between two devices much easier and time-saving.

Lenovo LINK comes with USB 3.0 but users with USB 2.0 no need to worry as the device is completely backward compatible.

Interesting thing is that you don’t necessarily need Lenovo smartphone to use it. The LINK works on any Android devices with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher operating system and all you have to do is to install a LINK application from Google Play Store  and you are good to go. LINK will automatically install necessary drivers on Windows 7 or later PC once it is hooked to the computer.

Lenovo LINK is priced at $39 and release date is set to March 2016. Watch the video below to see the Lenovo LINK in action and drop your thoughts in the comment box below.


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