Maingear Alpha 34 All-in-One PC is for Serious Gamers; Specs and Price


A badass gamer wants a badass gaming system and ahead of CES 2016 Maingear has introduced a brand new all-in-one gaming desktop called the Alpha 34 for them. The new desktop from the Maingear is specially designed for gamers with powerful specs under the hood while 34-inch curved display that supports resolution up to 3840 x 1440 takes your gaming experience further level.

The Maingear  Alpha 34 is built with full size gaming and workstation graphics cards and will be offered with up to an 8-core Intel Extreme Edition processor or 18-core Intel Xeon processors. There is a loop maintenance-free liquid cooling system to cool the processor, which is also quiet and reliable.

For graphics, the all-in-one can be fitted with up to NVIDIA 980Ti, Titan X, or AMD Radeon R9 390X while the CPU coupled with 32GB of Kingston DDR4 RAM and a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVME SSD powers the beast.

The Maingear Alpha 34 AIO also offers Intel upgradable webcam unit which plugs into the port on top of the monitor. The company also offers Redline overclocking service if you are not satisfied with the power it already offers right out of the box.

Pricing for the the Maingear Alpha 34 depends on the options that starts from $1999. The Alpha 34 with enthusiast configuration is priced at $2699 while $2799 for professional model.

Source Maingear

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