Microsoft to launch 4G LTE Service with new SIM Cards for Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft to launch 4G LTE Service with new SIM Cards for Windows 10 PCs

It seems that Microsoft is prepping something big, at least for Windows 10 PC users who might have wondered if they could use fast 3G or 4G cellular data on their PC without having to hook it up to any available hotspot.

The app was spotted by the Verge and it shows some writings like “Cellular Data”, “Cellular Plan” directly indicating the app is designed for cellular connection within the PC.  The app is already available for download and the company should be working on special kind of SIM that you can buy from the market when it is launched and You will also need a PC with 4G modem.

If the rumors are true, there won’t be any contract attached to ti, you just pay based on the data you need and you can use your payment details on you Windows Store account to make payments for the data.

Microsoft should be planning things much like Google, and should be planning to launch the service by partnering with existing wireless carriers. According to the FAQ included in the app, the service will first launch in the US, UK and France, no support for roaming though.

According to the company, the speed will be depending on the network you are on, which Microsoft has partnered for this new program, it means you may get 3G or 4G.

However, we still need to know more about the new service and Microsoft hasn’t revealed when the service will hit the market , how much it will cost or even where the SIM card will be available. Anyway, will you use the service once it is launched in your area?

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