One2Touch SlimType NFC Smartphone Cover with Keyboard unveiled; pricing $39

One2Touch SlimType NFC Smartphone Cover with Keyboard unveiled; pricing $39

Phones with sliding QWERTY keyboard are a thing of past and there were a lot of them in the market but no more, at least not that much, and the one which still remains with keypad in the market may be BlackBerry Priv . However there can be those who want a keyboard for their full touchscreen smartphone, that is where SLIMTYPE NFC Smart Cover comes to play.

One2Touch SlimType NFC phone cover is very thin like the one with Surface Pro but this one has two fold, and it doesn’t add that much bulk to your device with the cover attached.

The phone that the keyboard accessory supports include the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and the cover works completely over NFC hence no need of batteries or connectors to get the cover started. All you have to do is turn on NFC, install the required app and put the smartphone on the cover. The company says they chose NFC over WiFi or Bluetooth because of extra data security.

The keyboard comes with  hot keys that give direct one-touch access to email, contacts, calendar, and Web applications. And it is made of textiles giving it a soft feel. The cover and keyboard measures 145.5mm H, 154mm wide and 2.5mm thick.

The keyboard cover is available in variety of colors including cherry red, black sapphire, and white pearl.  The One2Touch SlimType NFC smartphone keyboard cover is priced $39 and is available for purchase.

Source SlimType

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