OWC launches 480GB Envoy Pro mini SSD Thumb Drive; pricing $287

OWC has launched new USB thumb drive SSD called Envoy Pro mini, with stylish aluminum body. The new pocket-sized SSD offers staggering 480 GB of capacity, which is double the size of its previous model. What makes the USB different from the crowd is its size and capability of a full-sized desktop-class SSD.

The Envoy Pro mini is coming with USB 3.0 / USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface and can reach a speed up to 427MB/s. The drive uses Integrated data management technology ensuring maximum speed even when the drive is almost full.

“This isn’t your average thumb drive,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “The pocket-sized Envoy Pro mini delivers full-sized, desktop-class SSD performance and doesn’t slow down with use like many other SSDs. And because it’s both lightweight and rugged, it’s the ultimate go-anywhere storage companion for anyone on the move.”

The OWC Envoy Pro mini is priced at $287.00  and is available for purchase from MacSales.com. The device is also available in 120GB ($109.75 ), 240GB ($109.75 ) of storage.


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