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HP launches the new Spectre 2016 Laptop with 0.4-inch thickness; Specs, Price and Release Date

HP launches the new Spetre 2016 Laptop with 0.4-inch thickness; Specs, Price and Release Date

Finally it is official! HP has unveiled its latest laptop in its Spectre lineup with 10.4 mm thickness, making it about a tenth of an inch thinner than an Apple MacBook. The company claims this new Spectre model is the thinnest laptop on the market, which can’t be untrue considering the thickness of the Apple MacBook.

The laptop with premium design and an aluminum chassis should give the MacBook a run for its money. The laptop with the glossy copper accents and the piston-powered hinges is also fairly light at just 2.45 lbs.

What makes the 2016 HP Spectre even better than MacBook is its specs under the hood. While the MacBook has a low-power Intel Core M processor and fanless design, HP actually managed to fit even more powerful  Intel Core i Skylake processor and an active cooling system into the ultra thin body.

In terms of specs, the Spectre 2016 sports a 13.3 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel, 300-nit, IPS display with 72% color gamut and packs 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of PCIe solid state storage.

The catch is the memory and storage are not user upgradeable, that is understandable because making a device both thin and user upgradeable may not be that easy so HP had to compromise user upgradeability making it sleek but difficult to open.

The laptop also has three USB Type-C ports on the back and users can charge the device via any of these ports. You can also connect a display adapter to any of them. Two of the ports come with Thunderbolt 3 support for higher-speed data transfers.

The laptop also features  a backlit keyboard, and speakers on the sides of the keyboard with Bang & Olufsend sound.

  • There’s no fan or heat sink on top of the CPU. Instead, there are two fans on the back of the laptop. One pulls air in, blows it over the CPU, and then the air is collected in a hyperbaric chamber and pushed out of the laptop by another fan.
  • The display assembly is just 2mm thick, thanks to 0.4mm Gorilla Glass 4 and CNC machined aluminum.
  • HP’s 4-cell. 38 Whr battery is spread out to fill as much space as possible under the keyboard (although it does not take up space beneath the etched glass touchpad, because HP wanted room for a full-travel touchpad).
  • The keyboard has 1.3mm of travel, down from 1.5mm on some of the company’s other portable notebooks, but HP says the experience has been fine tuned for improved performance.
  • There’s a recessed piston hinge which lets the display to open and close much like a cabinet. It’s designed to reduce the height of the laptop while still providing enough friction to hold the screen firmly in place at any angle.

The new HP Spectre notebook will go on sale in May for a starting price of $1170. The base model will come with a Core i5-6200U processor while an extra $120 will get you the Spectre with a Core i7-6500U chip. The company also plans to offer the laptop with 512GB of storage.

According to HP, pre-order for the new HP Spectre will begin April 25th and it will be available in Best Buy stores starting May 22nd.

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