Zauba listing reveals Motorola Moto X3 with 5-inch Display

Lenovo bought Motorola Mobility a while ago but continued to use its Moto brand for its new devices. Despite rumors that the company may strip out the Motorola brand name, Lenovo has made it clear that we will continue to see devices with Motorola DNA although it may have name like “Moto by Lenovo” and it seems next-gen Moto X is one of those phones.

Indian import/export database Zauba has listed a few units of the devices called the Motorola Mot X3. Yes that name is a bit odd because Motorola launched its second-gen Moto X with the same name ”Moto X”  and the 3rd-gen with names like Moto X Pure Edition, Moto X Style and Moto X Play. Considering those facts, one might think the 4th-gen model may carry a name like ”Moto X” or “Moto X4.”

According to the listing, only 8 phones were shipped to India from the United States, indicating these are demo units.

The listing doesn’t provide that much info about the new smartphone specs. The device will have a 5 inch touchscreen display, a single SIM card, and GSM cellular network support. However, if the listing is true, we should get more details on its hardware and design changes in the coming days.