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Windows 10 Anniversary Update to release on August 2nd; ‘Messaging Everywhere’ not included

Windows 10 Anniversary Update to release on August 2nd; No 'Messaging Everywhere'

Microsoft has been working on next major update for Windows 10 users and it seems that the update is almost set to go out with lots of new features and improvements.

According to Microsft, the update will be released on August 2nd. However, the update is not a surpsing one as the company had already introduced some of key new features in march.

Alas! One of the major features which has been available for members of the Windows Insider preview, ‘Messagin Everywhere’ will not be available with this update.

In case you don’t know about Messaging Everywhere, the feature lets Windows 10 phone and PC users respond to messages from a computer.

However, Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar says it has been ”well recieved” but decided  it “can deliver an even better experience through the Skype app.” It means the Messaging Everywhere won’t be part of Windows 10 build but will be available via Skype app for Windows 10.

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