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Rumor; Samsung Galaxy S8 to be announced on March 29 in “multiple-city launch events”

galaxy s8 announcement multiple-city launch events

There have been rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S 8 for a while and recently we heard about launch of the Samsung device to be around the end of March 2017.

According to Twitter user @Ricciolo1, the device is set to be presented at the MWC, though it would only be showcased to partners and investors. And he also said it will be announced on March 29 and will be available in week 17 of this year.

According to his new revelation, Samsung will be holding multiple-city launch events in the US and somewhere in the EU.And this time Samsung seems to be determined to take back its market share, the report also suggests a ‘record breaking marketing campaign’.

Samsung Galaxy S8 as its predecessors is expected to be launched in New York and its counterpart launch event to be held in the UK.

If the rumors are true, the flagship device from the company will have a starting price tag of $849.


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