The Major VR Concepts No One Is Talking About

VR (Virtual Reality )has already proven to be one of the major innovations of this era, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Earlier this year we took a look at some of the best systems to own, and each of them has already established a nice foothold in the market. We may see that market narrow down to just a few prevailing systems in the years ahead, but the overall phenomenon of virtual reality looks to be pretty secure. That’s true even given the fact that game developers have only had a couple years to work on designs!

We’re going to see better and better games moving forward. People are already talking about some of the awesome shooting and racing concepts that might be on the way, as well as some of the franchise extensions carrying titles from conventional consoles to VR. There are adventure games, experiences revolving around artistic expression, and thrilling mysteries. But even these genres, as much as they dominate headlines and popular discussion, are barely scratching the service.

Here are a few words on some of the major VR gaming concepts no one seems to be discussing just yet.

RPGs For First Person

RPGs remain some of the most popular types of games out there, and they tend to work pretty well on all formats. We have popular RPGs online, in mobile app stores, on handheld devices, and on the biggest consoles on the market. But so far there isn’t a major RPG game taking the VR world by storm, and it may be because the genre isn’t the most natural fit. There has been some speculation about how to make the genre work for VR, but the solution seems simple. They should enable first person perspectives in RPG characters! It takes a lot of work to design and develop a game like this, but the solution is so interesting we can rest assured it’s in the works. Imagine playing a game like Skyrim and exploring those expansive worlds in VR.

Adapted Casino Environments

Casino gaming has already come up with its own twist on virtual reality, in a manner of speaking. It’s called “live dealer” gaming, and represents the cutting edge of tech in online gaming. Basically, it can turn a computer or mobile screen into a video feed to a real, legitimate casino room, where you have control over a game.We also know that there have been early attempts at adapting this and other similar concepts to virtual reality. Given the sheer number of people who play these types of games, this is potentially a huge genre once the kinks are worked out.

Telltale Titles

This is something that surprisingly few people are talking about, but it was mentioned in another article on concepts people want in VR, and it’s a fascinating idea. Telltale Games has become known for making games that are all about characters and stories, rather than focusing on action and gameplay. Similar to how it could work with RPGs, the games could reach a new level of intrigue and immersion if they simply put players behind the eyes of leading characters. Thinking of some of the existing popular Telltale games, just imagine playing through vivid narrative levels as Tyrion Lannister or Star-Lord, or having the opportunity to interact with them face to face.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Sure, there have been some boxing VR games released, and there are MMA ideas also being demonstrated. Even so, it’s surprising how little we’ve seen in the way of hand-to-hand combat on these devices. In part it might be because the motion control and speed of such games represents a real challenge for developers and devices alike. When you consider the full spectrum of combat gaming, from sports to arcade brawlers like Moral Kombat, this seems like a genre that will explode once it’s figured out.