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Volvo S60 2019 unveiled with Host of Safety Features; Specs and Price Details

Volvo S60 2019 unveiled with Safety Features; Specs and Price revealed

Volvo finally launched the most anticipated Sedan, S60 2019. Sport sedan sibling to the well-received XC60 crossover and V60 wagon, the new S60 is the third version in the all-new Volvo 60 Series. The car is coming with lots of tech and safety features.

The new S60 will be its first car not to be sold with a diesel engine. The company is pushing electric engine, with the aim of producing all new models from 2019 onward with some sort of electrification.

In terms of specs, the T8 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid combines a 313 horsepower turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder gas engine with an electric motor driving the rear wheels. It combines a further 87 horsepower, giving the sedan a total of 400 hp.

The range will start off with a T5 FWD option, as well as including a T6 AWD. T6 AWD Flagship spot will be offered with the 2019 S60 Polestar Engineered trim, which will produce 415hp from the car in addition to upgrading the wheels, brakes, suspension, and engine control unit, and adding new interior and exterior trim.

Volvo says the 2019 S60 will come with a starting price of $35,800 for the T5 FWD, $40,300 for the T6 AWD, and $54,400 for the T8 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid. Pricing for the Polestar Engineered trim is yet to be confirmed.

The video below walks you through the entire configuration and specs details of the new model as well as other interior and safety features.

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