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Microsoft’s internal leak: “A new and disruptive Dual-screen Device,” “Andromeda” Surface Phone?

Microsoft Andromeda Leaks

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Is this the next big thing from Microsoft? Since the demise of Microsoft Windows Phone, we haven’t heard much about Windows smartphone and only a few Windows 10 mobiles were released. Now it seems the company is prepping bigger surprise and may give stylus-monopoly a tough competition if this one came true to the light. According to new reports and leaks, much anticipated Microsoft Andromeda dual-screen folding tablet will be launched as foldable Surface device which can slide in your pocket just like any other mobile phones.

This is not the first time we hear about a new Microsoft device, recent rumors and a patent application for a foldable device definitely adds weight to the idea of all new device from the company and this new leaked document to the Verge suggests Microsoft is expanding its Surface range with this new device.

Even though several dual screen devices were launched and experimented before, Andromeda is rumored to be unique and a step beyond that and use latest technology in displays like a single  foldable displays, which will make the device more mobile and pocket-friendly as well as unique in functionality and features unlike many devices that are already in the market.

When it comes to software, changes in the Windows 10 will definitely benefit the device a lot and allow Andromeda to rescale its UI to fit in a smaller form-factor. At the same time, there’s the relatively new support for ARM processors which is more power efficient than x86 counterparts and comes with native LTE and longer battery life.

“It’s a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience,” an internal document, leaked to The Verge says about the new device.

Andromeda is expected to be disruptive device that sits in between traditional PC and smartphones. The device will have a Stylus so that users can capture digital ink. Report suggests prototype device has both stylus and a notepad-like application, which clearly indicates device will come with features like Galaxy Note series and should give Samsung a tough competition.

Microsoft sees the device as a response to its failure with Windows Phone smartphones. One internal document leaked to the Verge says “It will blur the lines between mobile and stationary computing.”

Interestingly Intel is also working on similar product which will eventually utilize the changes in Windows 10 and Microsoft’s work with Andromeda. Intel has already created Prototype with both dual and electronic paper displays. Intel is sharing its design with its OEM partners like Asus and Lenovo. Lenovo and Asus are already working on their devices based on Intel’s reference design and at least one of the devices is expected to hit the market later this year.

All these rumors and developments indicate a soon-to-reveal trend of dual-screen foldable devices and Microsoft is preparing itself to take advantage of it.

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