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Aston Martin Volante Vision, Luxurious Flying Taxi to rival Uber

Aston Martin Volante Vision, Luxurious Flying Taxi

The Future is here. Among the future transportation systems, flying taxis will be taking an important role and companies like Uber are already working on it, and here comes an addition to the range of flying cars that will hit the world in the near future, this time it is from the luxury brand Aston Martin.

The flying car named Aston Martin Volante Vision is a three-seat aircraft with some luxurious features and the concept design will debut at the Farnborough Air Show this month.

The model like any of its future competitors can take off and land vertically. The machine has multiple propellers with a hybrid-electric power train. A horizontally mounted turbo-prop at the back and two pairs of propellers attached to the Y-wing at the front, and both propellers can tilt and rotate.

The company believes its design is a step ahead of the ones under development by companies like Uber. The flying taxi will be built with autonomous navigation and information will project onto the all-glass cockpit canopy.

For this project, the company is working with experts in the field of aviation industry, including Rolls-Royce which is also working on its own flying taxi. However, it is yet to see who hits the market first with their air taxis.

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