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LG’s Patent reveals foldable Phone with a Bezel-less Display

LG Foldable Phone Patent 2

Foldable smartphone, rollable laptops, device names go on but we never see one in real life, neither do we see a phone maker actually mass produce flexible smartphone displays, other than rumors that some major companies are working on such device. Recently there has been a leak suggesting that Microsoft is working on such a device codenamed Andromeda, and now here is a patent, this time it is about an LG foldable phone.

There have been reports of major companies like Samsung, Huawei and Motorola working on such smartphones. All the recent rumors and leak definitely indicate sudden shift from the traditional smartphone, and a foldable future.

Even thought there were several foldable devices in the past, new leaks and rumors suggest companies are aiming to go beyond that and produce smartphones with single foldable OLED displays which will give users seamless experience, and relatively bigger in display size, but yet  compact in form factor.

The document was originally filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office in late-2017 and is described as a “mobile terminal”. The patent describes a smartphone body  with a flexible display, one that folds horizontally halfway down the length of the phone, thanks to the a four-link hinge, similar one found on Microsoft Surface Book.

According to the document, the device has a bezle-less design and will come with two mics, dual loudspeakers, and dual antennas, and one of the cameras will be placed on the outside of the closed display. The display would turn on when open and turns off when closed.

As LG is into the trend, we can safely believe one foldable device will soon make it to the market, LG has the history of launching some weird devices like LG G5 with modular components as well as launching smartphones with high-end specs first in the market.

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